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Composite Fillings

Tooth decay is formed from bacteria developing on the hard tissues of the tooth. When you have a cavity, a dentist removes the decay that has formed and fills that tooth with a filling. Dental restoration is when restorative material is used to fill or occupy space remaining in a tooth structure after a portion of the tooth has been removed. A filling will repair the tooth and keep further decay from developing. There are typically no problems or risks with getting a tooth filled. One way to restore a tooth is by using composite fillings. These fillings consist primarily of synthetic resins and can mimic and restore the natural appearance of the tooth structure. Composite fillings are often used for restoring front teeth where appearance matters the most.  

Tooth colored fillings used by San Marcos CA dentist Dr. Leads include restoring:

·         Decayed or fractured portions of the teeth

·         Color, shape and size of the teeth

·         The gaps between the teeth

·         Broken, chipped or worn teeth

·         Other dental restorative materials such as amalgam metals

Everyone wants a beautiful smile, and that’s why many people prefer tooth colored, mercury-free fillings. They’re more attractive than their amalgam counterparts, and unlike amalgam fillings that are made up of silver, copper, tin and mercury, composite fillings have had no reported health concerns. Composite fillings are great options for enhancing your smile and last for decades with proper oral and hygiene habits.  If you have amalgam fillings and want to remove them for composite fillings, it’s best to seek advice from an experienced cosmetic dentist first to make sure it’s safe. Contact Dr. Leads office to schedule an appointment to get you on your way to the smile you’ve always desired.