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Dental Fillings

Cosmetic Dentist in San Marcos, CA. Randall Leads, DDS.

San Marcos CA dentist Dr. Leads is proud to offer his patients a mercury-free dental practice. Those silver fillings you have are called mercury or amalgam filllings, made up of a mixture of silver, copper, tin and mercury. A large percentage of the population today still has silver/mercury fillings in their mouth from years and years ago. These fillings are not very esthetically pleasing, and after a period of time may cause unnecessary damage to the tooth, making it very weak and brittle.

Dr. Leads uses a safe and effective alternatives called porcelain inlays and composite resins. These two methods, unlike amalgam restorations, create fillings that are both stunning and virtually unnoticeable. Composite and porcelain inlays provide strength and resistance to fractures, allowing you to tolerate the pressures of chewing. These porcelain and composite restorations also more closely match the appearance of natural teeth, allowing you to get front tooth fillings when cosmetically necessary. Another major benefit of procelain and resin fillings is that they stregthen frail and delicate teeth far longer than amalgam fillings.