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Cosmetic Dentist in San Marcos, CA. Randall Leads, DDS.

A tooth extraction is a minor surgical procedure, so it is natural for temporary changes to occur in the mouth afterward. Don’t worry! You'll be functioning normally in just a few days. After getting a tooth removed, it’s vital to get the tooth replaced to avoid alteration of the bite and failures in chewing. It’s also important to give the tooth time to heal after it’s removed by resting, eating well and avoiding the area that’s healing as much as possible. Slight swelling after an extraction is normal. Major complications after getting a tooth removed, however, are rare, but some may include tooth extraction dry socket, pain and/or infection and bleeding. Antibiotics are essential to keep infection from forming after a tooth is removed.

To prevent severe bleeding it’s necessary to form a blot clot. To do this you must gently bite down on a piece of gauze for a couple of hours and avoid rinsing, drinking out of a straw and smoking. Also try to keep yourself from rubbing the area with your tongue.

You should follow these rules to help promote healing, prevent complications and make yourself more comfortable. Consult San Marcos CA dentist Dr. Leads or his knowledgeable staff regarding any questions.